The baking basics you didn’t know you needed!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the start of a new season by dusting off the family cookbook and turning on the oven for something delicious! With summer comes socializing, and if you wouldn’t naturally consider yourself a baker, the magic of planning a tea party for the girls with banana bread and cupcakes or baking a birthday cake for the little ones’ birthday party can be a very rewarding experience.

At Dealz you can discover all the baking basics you need to full fill your Pinterest dream recipe. A pastel palette muffin pan, heart-shaped waffle pans, rolling pins and spatulas, we also have a lot of adorable teddy bear, cake and cookie molds for the little bakers who want to join in the fun! Be sure to have a look at our new easy to use Keeeper range of mixing bowls, icing holders and cake storage holders and get inspired to make the little moments a little bit magical.

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