Have some fun with the kids this Winter!

Children don’t play like they used to!

This is a popular opinion amongst most parents these days however, in this day and age, it is easier to resort to technology to entertain the kids. A Tablet, TV or a Smart Phone can serve as a quick fix when it comes to keeping the little ones busy, but can it teach them life skills like sharing, taking turns and not always winning?

By limiting their screen time we will see the magic and creativity of simple playing begins to blossom.  Lets encourage our kids to ‘just be kids’ and engage their imaginations. Even when the weather is miserable outside, Dealz has a number of wonderful products that can inspire creativity and purposeful play.  Some of our favourites are Anti Monopoly, Lego bricks and 3D puzzles. To a child, parents undivided attention is golden, so start the fire, make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and spend some quality family time together creating awesome memories for everyone to reflect on for many more winters to come.

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