Discover Divoom, South Africa’s Latest Audio Experience.

What is Divoom?

Divoom is the new audio brand hitting South Africa by storm! Their innovative products are inspired by their love of music and passion for fine audio. The brand is focused on bringing you a unique audio experience and modern design.

The brand has different ranges to cater for all your audio needs. Whether it’s ultra-compact, powerful and with double up paring to give you a concert-like experience, the Voombox Trek is exactly what you need. Or you may be hosting a movie night and in need of 360 degrees Omni-directional sound which delivers 30W audio power and has 8 hours of playing time? Look no further the Voombox Power is here.

Divoom offers a range of Pixel Art speakers, the Tivoo Max offers an interactive experience of light and sound. Simply download the Divoom Smart App and get started with a nostalgic pixel art experience. The device has a built-in smart alarm, you can also receive social media notifications, play games or create your own remix with the professional DJ mixer.

Whatever your plans, Divoom will amplify the experience! Selected products available at Dealz stores.

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