6 Innovative ways to keep the kids from saying “I’m Bored”

Keeping the kids entertained indoors can turn into a very challenging task for parents. If you are tired of listening to the same old kiddies shows over and over again, we’ve got some alternative ideas for fun:

  1. Grab the board games! Not only is it perfect for bonding, but it will also make for some great laughs and memories. Try 30 seconds, Pictionary, Monopoly, Scrabble, Rummikup or building a jigsaw puzzle together.
  2. Colour in colouring books, If you don’t have any empty ones you can always download some colouring sheets print them out, put on some music and get creative with the little ones.
  3. Have a bake-off competition! Help the kids bake cupcakes and decorate it themselves with their favourite ingredients, you can even play along and vote for the winner.
  4. Learn skills like how to make origami, take music lessons or follow dance tutorials on Youtube, make videos and send it on to the family.
  5. If you have older kids, ask them to cook dinner, make it a themed event with costumes and music. You could try Mexican, Italian or traditional South African!
  6. Keep a daily journal, write down what the best part of the day was and what you are looking forward to tomorrow. This will help keep the atmosphere in the house feeling happy and healthy.

    We hope this helps and serves as some inspiration when boredom strikes.  Why not try these ideas and let us know on Facebook which one you and your family liked the most!

The secret to a successful in-house spring clean


Having to spend some time indoors? Why not get inspired and tackle a few jobs in the house.

Chances are that having a spring clean might be at the top of your list. If this is the case, it could be easy to get a bit overwhelmed especially if you feel like the whole house needs attention.

Why not start by making a schedule with a tick box in order to prioritise a certain time during the day for a particular part of the house. Turn on some music or create a cleaning playlist full of fun and upbeat songs to get you going. Remember to tick off the task when you’re done, it always feels great to know what you’ve accomplished!

By setting out a specific time for cleaning during the day with a certain task you’ll feel more at ease with everything that needs to be done. This will also create a calm environment that will allow you to focus on work and to relax after hours.

Fitness motivation that will get you moving at home!

This holiday, although you might not be able to go anywhere, don’t think about skipping your early morning exercise. Rather get inspired to get moving with these fun facts on the benefits of exercise:

  • Did you know that working out sharpens your memory? Yes, it’s true the smallest amount of consistent physical exercise increases the production of cells responsible for learning and retaining memory in the brain.
  • Exercise prevents signs of ageing and is proven to help better your sleep. Because of the endorphins, your body releases while exercising it leaves you feeling happy and relaxed.
  • It boosts immune systems and increases productivity, which will help you stay focused and full of energy during the school holidays and while working from home.

At Dealz we have a range of affordable workout equipment such as yoga mats, foam rollers, kettlebells and the accessories you need to get up and go for it!

5 tips to make the kids lunch box prep super easy!

 Running out of inspiration for the kids’ lunchboxes? We’ve got 5 tips to make it easier:

  1. Start fresh! Keep a lookout for quality containers with a tight seal to keep the kids’ lunches fresh, try a character lunch box to keep it fun, it will also help to easily identify between the kids’ lunches.
  2. Always prepare the night before, chances are you can probably vouch for this, it’s a crucial tip and will definitely make those crazy mornings go more smoothly.
  3. Balance is key, as much as you want them to eat healthily, they want a treat to look forward to! So opt for healthy snacks and treats, go for gummy sweets instead of chocolate bars they have less sugar and keeps the kids going.
  4. Did you know that staying hydrated helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients to make them accessible to your body? Remember to fill up those water bottles or try some fun character juices.
  5. Switch it up, try out different packed lunches and snacks for kids. You’re not just to keeping them full of energy, you’re also teaching them to be susceptible to change and try out new things!

New year, new DIY

January, the start of a new year. The start of the new you? Maybe not, but it can definitely be the start of an exciting new DIY job.

Don’t worry, we won’t mention all those unfinished tasks from 2019. We know you were very busy, we completely understand! However, now is the perfect time to tackle those minor updates in and around the house, or even start a brand new project.

Although it might be a bit of a struggle with that broken old saw which you’ve been using as a hammer. Time to Invest in some new hardware necessities. Our new Kinzo range offers European quality hardware at unbelievable prices for any minor or more advanced tasks.

No need to call a handyman, we trust you, you’ve got this. Just think, with a little creativity and patience you can tick off all those projects you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest board since last year, get to Dealz to get started.

Serious gift inspiration

In need of a few amazing ideas for something shiny and bright under the tree this year, but not prepared to buy your kids the latest greatest phone? Dealz has got you covered.

In a world where your 5 year old knows more about the latest tech features your television, tablet and laptop bag should have, we would like to present to you an old school gift solution! We’ve got toys for every little personality and the best part is, their gifts will definitely make it to 2020 and not just last for Christmas Day.

So why not bring back the alternative way of fun by playing outside with the latest LOL’s, Barbie, Frozen, Spiderman, Hot Wheels and Goshies! Don’t worry we’ve got your parents’ chocolate craving sorted too with our delightful range of confectionery.

Don’t miss out, find the best festive gift inspiration at Dealz this season


Elfie Takeover!

That’s right the Elves has taken over!

Luckily it’s almost the holidays, the perfect time to relax and enjoy a few days off with the family at home. However, chances are you’ll find yourself running out of ideas for entertaining the kids and most likely the adults too!

So why not let the Elves handle this one? That’s right the original Elves are back, sent from the North Pole to assist with all gifting queries and entertain kids all over South Africa! Just be sure to keep a lookout for their menacing counterparts; the Naughty Elves. They’re always scheming and playing tricks on the kids and one another, keeping them from their festive duties just before Christmas!

With the Elf Joke Kit, Elf report Cards, Elf Mini Warning Signs and Santa’s lil’ Elf Hat, all available at Dealz let the elves add a little fun and mischief to your holidays!

Secret Santa gift ideas you haven’t thought of yet…

Yes, you’ve seen it.

The email waiting in your inbox or the family group-call discussion, around who is buying gifts for whom… It’s Secret Santa gifting time again.

Are you the first one to go shopping each year, ready with a checklist of possible options for everyone?

Or do you find yourself, yet again, frantically running into the shops, minutes before the event desperately searching for something “festive enough” to pass as a gift, like most of us so often do?

Well, there’s no need to panic!

Whether well-planned or wildly unprepared, we won’t judge we are simply here to inspire! Pick a great gift from our novelty décor, tropical scented candles, festive cookies, Christmas ornaments, festive Sippy cups, tech accessories or luxury confectionery right down to gift bags and wrapping.

We always offer our great products at WOW prices, you never have to worry about the limit on your Secret Santa gift!

Time for the beach!

It’s time for long hot days, salty hair and ice cream! Play beach bats until the waves catch up to you, chill under the umbrella and listen to the latest playlist. Time to make the most of our country’s beautiful beaches this summer and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

But before you go, are you sure you’re stocked up on all the things you’ll need for a full day out in the sun? At Dealz we have all the beach essentials you need, from tropical throws to backpacks, caps, sunscreen and snacks! Keep your drinks icy cool with our fun double-wall flasks and novelty shaped plastic bottles, also remember to pack your power bank and waterproof speaker to keep you and your friends connected. 

Make sure you get all you need and more to make the good times even better this summer at Dealz!

Celebrate the start of Summer!

If,  like us, you can’t wait to dust off the patio furniture, open up the umbrella’s and dig out your bathing suit for summer, we’ve got an idea for you! Why not throw an epic pool party to celebrate the start of summer?

At Dealz you don’t have to break the bank to host a relaxing pool party, we’ve got everything you need from drinks and snacks, glassware right down to party accessories. Whether you are in the mood to get the family together for a day of fun in the sun with fruit juices in cool glass jugs and poolside snacks, or just want to invite the girls over for afternoon cocktails, life advice and jokes, either way we’ve got you covered!

Why not make a trip to your nearest Dealz for some inspiration and explore the wide range of party accessories, snacks and drinks on offer and make your pool party the best one of the season.