5 healthy tips to keep a positive mindset during lockdown

Trying to stay positive can be a difficult task during these uncertain times, we’re all faced with, that is why we have put together 5 healthy tips to stay happy with a positive mindset:

  1. It’s easy to forget how important it is to stick to a routine, especially when you know you’re not going anywhere. Why get out of bed and get dressed just to stay at home? Sticking to a routine will ensure you stay focused, productive and will ultimately leave you feeling motivated to take on the day!
  2. Limit the negativity, make sure to switch off your tv when the news gets overwhelming, or put your phone down when social media is full of speculation. Be careful not to spend too much time talking about the current state, rather stay hopeful by focusing on positive things, choosing peace over panic.
  3. Why not prioritise a fun activity to do with the family? Make the most of the extra time spent together by baking, playing a favourite board game, video call or make a video to send to relatives. Checking in on loved ones and hearing their stories of what they’ve been doing to stay positive can lift the mood of the entire household.
  4. Practise mindfulness, this means to have your mind full of the present moment, not wishing you were in a different place or looking back at the golden years! Try watering your plants, reading a great book or listening  to a favourite song and taking it all in. When you learn to focus on every current moment, you’re not stressed about the future or living in the past, you are simply living in the present appreciating the little things.
  5. Laugh! Studies have shown that having a good belly laugh will decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells. Try watching a great comedy, practise a few jokes or just call a friend who always makes you giggle. 

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