Serious gift inspiration

In need of a few amazing ideas for something shiny and bright under the tree this year, but not prepared to buy your kids the latest greatest phone? Dealz has got you covered.

In a world where your 5 year old knows more about the latest tech features your television, tablet and laptop bag should have, we would like to present to you an old school gift solution! We’ve got toys for every little personality and the best part is, their gifts will definitely make it to 2020 and not just last for Christmas Day.

So why not bring back the alternative way of fun by playing outside with the latest LOL’s, Barbie, Frozen, Spiderman, Hot Wheels and Goshies! Don’t worry we’ve got your parents’ chocolate craving sorted too with our delightful range of confectionery.

Don’t miss out, find the best festive gift inspiration at Dealz this season