Time for the beach!

It’s time for long hot days, salty hair and ice cream! Play beach bats until the waves catch up to you, chill under the umbrella and listen to the latest playlist. Time to make the most of our country’s beautiful beaches this summer and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

But before you go, are you sure you’re stocked up on all the things you’ll need for a full day out in the sun? At Dealz we have all the beach essentials you need, from tropical throws to backpacks, caps, sunscreen and snacks! Keep your drinks icy cool with our fun double-wall flasks and novelty shaped plastic bottles, also remember to pack your power bank and waterproof speaker to keep you and your friends connected. 

Make sure you get all you need and more to make the good times even better this summer at Dealz!

Celebrate the start of Summer!

If,  like us, you can’t wait to dust off the patio furniture, open up the umbrella’s and dig out your bathing suit for summer, we’ve got an idea for you! Why not throw an epic pool party to celebrate the start of summer?

At Dealz you don’t have to break the bank to host a relaxing pool party, we’ve got everything you need from drinks and snacks, glassware right down to party accessories. Whether you are in the mood to get the family together for a day of fun in the sun with fruit juices in cool glass jugs and poolside snacks, or just want to invite the girls over for afternoon cocktails, life advice and jokes, either way we’ve got you covered!

Why not make a trip to your nearest Dealz for some inspiration and explore the wide range of party accessories, snacks and drinks on offer and make your pool party the best one of the season.