Let’s take a pamper day!


Take the time to do what makes your soul happy. You deserve it”

As we are in Women’s Month, the above statement couldn’t be more accurate. Are you stressed? Feeling a bit run down? What you need is a good old fashion pamper day! It doesn’t always have to be about expensive grooming products or hour-long facials. At Dealz we have all you need to treat yourself without breaking the bank. From face masks to aromatic bubble baths, we’ve got you covered.

Picture it; the stage is set you get into your cosiest gown, light up a few scented candles and play some of your favourite music for the perfect pamper day. Shower or bath, it’s your choice! At Dealz you can find all you need, from purifying face masks, moisturizing foot socks, hand masks, nose pore strips to gel eye patches. Grab some bath salts and your favourite shower gel and enjoy! Remember to keep your body and skin hydrated with one of our lovely body lotions, your skin will thank you.

Although it doesn’t have to end there as the famous quote goes; give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world. From Essence to the newly launched W7 range from the UK, there’s never a shortage of new colours, palettes and trends enjoy at Dealz! 

Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter

Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter

We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to work out, regardless of what season it is. Let’s be honest, when the temperature is less than your age, it becomes a lot easier to stay snug under the blankets

Don’t throw your health & wellness aside just because you are not wearing shorts right now. There are tons of exercises you can do in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. To help you get ready to get back into swimsuit mode, we’ve got you covered for tight abs & toned thighs (both for R100). Our Thighmaster can not only tone the thunder, but also doubles as equipment for combating flabby arms (you’re welcome).

If you are braving the elements for outdoors, remember to throw on a cap. Not only protection from the elements, but also keeps you looking good with your lovely locks tamed. Last but definitely not the least, your tunes for inciting all this action. Whether Beyoncé or 90s Trance, experience the improved future of wireless with our Volkano Motion Series Bluetooth Active Earphones. No more hassles around cables popping out while you’re moving & easy hands-free talking pleasure. So stop taking the easy way out –the couch will not get you ready for a sizzling summer body. Summer bodies are made in Winter.